sustainable , eco-friendly slow fashion clothing in a ethical store in the center of Athens, Greece

Sustainability and sales! How does it work?


It might seem a bit unusual when a slow fashion store announces discounts. After all, we're all aware – or need to be – that sales are often a tactic used by fast fashion to encourage unnecessary purchases, right? 

At Cool and Conscious, while we keep saying 'no' to overconsumerism, we understand that sometimes new clothes are necessary. And we’ve decided to say 'yes' to sales as we strongly believe that sales can be sustainable if they are part of an ethical and sustainable production system. By choosing from our collection of clothes and accessories made exclusively from sustainable fabrics, recycled, and upcycled materials, you're supporting small brands that prioritize the environment and fair working conditions.

Also, given that sustainable fashion often comes with a higher price tag due to ethical sourcing, premium materials, limited production, and eco-friendly practices, this way, we aim to make sustainable fashion more accessible for those who want to support it but cannot always afford it.


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